Daily snapshots

Voerweg during autumn

The voerweg (feed way) gets its name from the time when this road was used to bring goods from old cargo ships into the city.

Mushroom time

The forest is full of mushrooms around this time of year. They are so beautiful. Look at those colors and shapes!

My old school

My old school on the Vlierenstraat in Nijmegen is now completely razed to the ground.

The cloud maker is no more

All my life this power plant stood on the outskirts of Nijmegen. A long pipe with smoke coming out of it. I think many people from my town grew up with the idea this power plant made the clouds.

Bye bye vermicelli factory

A lot of buildings are going down in Nijmegen West. So is the former vermicelli factory of Honig. On the same spot new houses and commercial buildings are springing up like mushrooms.